Elgonda Bekker

Category: Nursing Education

Area: Midwifery education

Current position and company: Lecturer, University of the Free State

E-mail: bekkeree@ufs.ac.za

Qualifications: B.Soc. Sc. (Nursing) M. Soc. Sc. (Advanced midwifery and neonatology) PhD(Candidate)

Unique contribution/vision: Midwifery educator and leader working toward enabling a midwifery profession  to provide what the childbearing community need.

Areas of expertise: Midwifery education, midwifery competencies, safe motherhood, Appreciative Inquiry

Prof Petra Brysiewicz

Category: Nursing Education

Area: Midwifery education

Current position and company: Professor, School of Nursing & Public Health, University of KwaZulu-Natal

E-mail: brysiewiczp@ukzn.ac.za

Qualifications: B Soc Sc, B Arts, M Cur, PhD

Unique contribution/vision: Petra has worked with research and education of nurses in South Africa and Africa for over 22 years, predominately in the area of acute/emergency care. She focuses on developing clinical scholarship and research leadership capacity for health professionals, specifically within acute/emergency care.

Areas of expertise: Emergency & critical care nursing; research capacity development, family collaboration.

Ruth Davidge

Category: Nursing practice

Area: Neonatal Nursing

Current position and company: Neonatal Program manager, KZN Dept. of Health

E-mail: ruth.davidge@kznhealth.gov.za

Qualifications: RN, RM, RPN,  RCHN, Cert. Neonatal Intensive Care, fANSA

Unique contribution/vision: Ruth is passionate about supporting , leading  and empowering nurses to regain self confidence in their independent  function, passion and pride for their calling and to deliver , knowledgeable, excellent , compassionate and caring  nursing care. I believe this can be done through visionary leadership, role modelling and mentorship.

Areas of expertise: Neonatal nursing, Program management, Systems development, Teaching,  Leadership of a Professional Association.

Kim Davies

Category: Nursing Practice

Area: Occupational Health

Location: SA Military Health Service

E-mail: davies.kim1@gmail.com

Vision: Kim Davies displayed leadership skills in various employment settings. SASOHN bestowed Honorary Life membership on her for her participative role and commitment to occupational health nursing. Kim played a major role in the promotion, maintenance and future of occupational health.

Prof Sinegugu E Duma



Current position and company: Dean of Teaching and Learning, College of Health Sciences,  University of KwaZulu-Natal

E-mail: Dumas1@ukzn.ac.za

Qualifications: B Cur; M Cur, PhD

Unique contribution/vision: A qualitative researcher in gender based violence research who has translated gender based violence research findings  into development of nurse-led sexual assault forensic nursing services for victims of violence and crime. She has used her special interest in forensic nursing in the development of competencies for clinical forensic nursing qualification and formal recognition of clinical forensic nursing qualification in South Africa.   and mentorship.

Areas of expertise: Gender based violence; Nursing Education; Qualitative Research

Dr Nelouise Geyer



Current position and company: CEO Nursing Education Association (NEA) Senior lecturer, University of Witwatersrand (Sessional)

E-mail: n.geyer@edunurse.co.za

Qualifications: B Cur; M Cur, PhD

Unique contribution/vision:

Areas of expertise: Education, General Nursing, Advanced Practice, Professional Practice

René C Grobler



Current position and company: National Quality and Systems Manager (Trauma & Emergency)

E-mail: rene@crisismedicine.co.za

Qualifications: Diploma in General Nursing, Psychiatric, Community and Midwife. Diploma in Clinical Health Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care

Unique contribution/vision: Developed a Injury Prevention Program for current private Hospital Group and continue with promoting, development and implementation of injury prevention activities for all ages through different platforms. Development of Trauma Program and Trauma Program Manager position for South Africa. Representative for Africa on the Global Trauma Quality Improvement Group.

Areas of expertise: Injury Prevention. Trauma Systems & Trauma Programs. Trauma and Emergency Care Quality Improvement.  Development of Electronic Medical Records for Emergency, Trauma & Transplant Care

Associate Professor Emeritus, Una Kyriacos



Current position and company:  Retired, University of Cape Town

E-mail: una.Kyriacos@uct.ac.za

Qualifications: PhD, MSc, B Cur I et A, PG Dip Ophthalmic Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, GN, Midwifery

Unique contribution/vision: Social responsiveness and community engagement: training community nurses in rural areas in basic eye examination and vision testing to prevent avoidable blindness. An advocate for the implementation of early warning scoring systems for recognition and response to clinical deterioration.

Areas of expertise: Research, teaching ophthalmic nursing and vital signs monitoring.

Dr Karen Michell



Current position and company:  Researcher at IOSH, England

E-mail: karenmichell92@gmail.cm

Qualifications: PhD, MSc(Nurs), BSc(Nurs), OHN

Unique contribution/vision: I have a passion for the quality of healthcare services delivered to worker populations. This includes the quality of occupational health services offered to healthcare staff who provide healthcare to patients across the spectrum.

Areas of expertise: Occupational health nursing, quality

Mrs Annelie Meiring

Category: Leader & Manager

Area: Private Sector

Location: Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders (FNPL)

E-mail: anneliemeiring@gmail.com

Mrs Annelie Meiring’s leadership expertise and extensive experience in health service management is exhibited in her involvement in raising quality standards of preventative and curative services in South Africa and other countries in Africa, including Botswana, Libya and Tanzania. Mrs Meiring’s current involvement spans a variety of services, namely the mining industry and health systems through ministries of health and public/private hospitals and clinics. Being involved in these services, she developed health system audit tools; commissioned hospitals; developed and implemented policies, procedures and protocols; identified risks and developed risk management plans; developed and offered targeted staff training; coached and mentored staff members; and more. She is currently a Nursing Management Consultant and also an active member of the executive committee of the Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders (FPNL). Mrs Annelie Meiring is thus recognized for her work in: the Private Healthcare Sector.

Peggy Naicker

Category: Nursing Education

Area: Quality Education Management

Location: Consultant

E-mail: Peggyn.edu@gmail.com

Vision: Peggy is a role model and leader in nursing education. She developed and maintained a quality management system and standards of nursing in Life College of Nursing. She inspired others through her leadership as a board member of NEA.

Prof Lizeth Roets

Category: Nursing Research

Area: Research Ethics and Research Supervision

Current position and company: Professor, University of South Africa

E-mail: roetsl@unisa.ac.za

Qualifications: B.Soc.Sc; Honnors, M.Soc.Sc;  PhD

Unique contribution/vision: Strive towards scholarship development; supporting students to conduct ethically sound research and disseminating research findings; generating new knowledge to improve healthcare and nursing education.

Areas of expertise: Midwifery; Research supervision and student support; Research ethics; Scholarship development

Prof Nokuthula Sibiya

Category: Nursing Research

Area: Research Ethics and Research Supervision

Current position and company: Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, Durban University of Technology

E-mail: nokuthulas@dut.ac.za

Qualifications: B Cur; B Cur Hons; Diploma in Clinical Health Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care (Primary Health Care); M Tech: Nursing, D Tech: Nursing

Unique contribution/vision:  Prof Sibiya developed a model for the integration of primary health care services)

Areas of expertise: Primary Health Care with specific focus on health systems and maternal, women and child health

Prof Dalena van Rooyen

Category: Nursing Research

Area: Research Ethics and Research Supervision

Current position and company: Acting Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nelson Mandela University

E-mail: dalena.vanrooyen@mandela.ac.za

Qualifications: B Cur; BHons; M Cur; PhD; PGD NEdu; PGD CC; ACGM, ANSAf

Unique contribution/vision:  Professor Dalena van Rooyen is a senior academic leader with international associations, experienced researcher, educator and activist for quality transformative health professional education and training.

Areas of expertise:  Community-led primary care learning and teaching, evidence-based practice, barriers to health care, scholarship of learning and teaching.

Dr Sharon Vasuthevan

Category: Nursing Research

Area: Research Ethics and Research Supervision

Current position and company: Group Nursing & Quality Executive, Life Healthcare

E-mail: SharonV@life.co.za

Qualifications: B Cur; B Cur Hons, MSc Health Sciences, PhD (Nursing), Professional Executive Coach

Unique contribution/vision: Thought leader, socially inspired Executive. Strategically focused, analytically sound and practically grounded. Great interpersonal skills, able to lead people to achieve success and drive strategic projects. Energized by doing meaningful work and contributing to the profession and healthcare industry.

Areas of expertise: Nursing Education, Leadership, Nursing Management and Quality Patient Care and clinical standards

Prof Marlene Viljoen

Category: Nursing Education

Area: Intensive care & Community Health Nursing

Location: Retired

E-mail: marleneviljoen45@gmail.com

Prof Marlene Viljoen made numerous contributions to the development of nursing education nationally and internationally since 1970, relating to basic and post-basic Specialist Nursing.