Prof Hester Klopper

Prof Mulaudzi, Prof Klopper and Prof Phetlhu

Prof Mulaudzi, Prof Klopper and Prof Phetlhu

The ANSA Board would like to congratulate Prof Hester Klopper who received the Taylor and Francis Lectureship Award in 2014.

The Taylor and Francis Lectureship Award is made possible through funding received from Taylor and Francis Publishing Company in collaboration with the International Council on Women’s Health Issues (ICOWHI). ICOWHI administers and distributes the funds associated with the award. The ICOWHI Board of Directors selects the recipient for the award which is announced at its biennial Congress.

The award includes an honorarium of $1,000 and is to be given to scholars and practitioners who work for the health of women in developing countries. The 2014 award recipient, Professor Hester Klopper, is expected to submit her lecture for publication in Health Care for Women International. Professor Hester Klopper’s lecture will be published in the on-line issue of the journal.

Source: Eleanor Krassen Covan, PhD (Professor Emerita of Gerontology and Editor-in-Chief, Health Care for Women International UNC Wilmington School of Health and Applied Human Sciences College of Health and Human Services)

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